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CNU 32 Legacy Project Sponsorship

Each year, CNU organizes Legacy Project, helping municipalities and neighborhood organizations within the Congress host region to receive pro-bono technical assistance from leading urban design firms. Through public engagement and partner collaboration, CNU’s Legacy Projects strive to demonstrate the power of great urban design to positively address the needs of each selected community, providing both short-term progress and long-lasting momentum. Legacy Projects are designed to have a 6-18 month scope for implementation, creating an immediate impact on the neighborhoods, communities, and cities served. This year, CNU has organized four Legacy Projects in the City of Norwood, OH (north of Cincinnati), the Hub District of Xenia, OH (north of Cincinnati), the Business District in Cincinnati’s Camp Washington neighborhood, and the Amelia Neighborhood in the Pierce and Batavia Townships (southeast of Cincinnati).

If you would like assistance customizing your Legacy Project sponsorship, please contact Margaret Gattis at [email protected]