How do I renew my CNU Membership?


Renewing an expired membership is easy. Just go to https://members.cnu.org/memberships and choose your membership level. Update your contact info if anything has changed, and pay the membership fee. You should receive a welcome packet by mail within a month of renewing. Please note, while the link says “join,” it is also the link for renewal, and your past records will automatically be detected, as long as you use the same email address (you can update your email preferences by logging in to members.cnu.org).


Even if your membership is not yet expired, when a membership is paid for in the system, it will add the additional 12 months on to your existing time.

How will I know if my membership went through?


As soon as you pay, you will be redirected to a “thank you” page. Within minutes, you will receive a confirmation email, with a digital receipt. Within a few weeks of payment, you will also receive a receipt and welcome packet via postal mail. You can log in to your CNU account at any time at members.cnu.org to check your status in the sidebar under “membership status.”

If you signed up for a group membership at the Leader, Champion, or Benefactor level, we will contact you regarding the distribution of your individual memberships. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

How does a CNU group membership work?


Group Membership is designed for organizations and firms that support placemaking and education as part of their mission, and have multiple staff who are interested in membership benefits. Group members take advantage of CNU member benefits for their staff through a discounted bulk purchase. Group members receive recognition on CNU’s website and social media channels, and in the partner corner of the monthly newsletter. We share your big announcements and news in our monthly newsletter throughout the year to amplify the accomplishments of individual members of your firm or organization, and to inspire your fellow members to take action.  

CNU offers three different group membership levels, depending on company size and budget. For more information visit https://members.cnu.org/cnu_group_membership.

How do I make a donation to CNU?


You can make a donation to CNU at https://members.cnu.org/donate

With your support, we will keep building more resources, events, connections, and projects to empower placemakers and advocates. Together, we'll continue building places people love.

Your contributions support programming such as the Legacy Projects, Charter Awards, and Project for Code Reform, as well as publications like The 25 Great Ideas of New Urbanism and Freeways Without Futures, plus our signature journals, Public Square and Build a Better Burb.

Congress for the New Urbanism is a 501c3 organization and your donations are tax-deductible.

How do I know when my membership expires?


No need to mark down your expiration date, once you log in to members.cnu.org, you can check your expiration date on the sidebar under “Membership Status.” CNU will send membership renewal notices to all expiring members via  email from our system, which prompts members to renew.

Why should I consider becoming a CNU member?


As a CNU member, you join - and play a crucial role in advancing - a movement of leaders, designers, and builders of places people love. Through CNU’s publications, website, and meetings, including the annual Congress, you’ll gain the news, training, and resources you need to achieve your goals and advance your career. You’ll have opportunities to learn, connect, engage, network, advocate, and innovate with others who are developing a new vision for our built environment.

What do my membership dues go to?


Your membership dues support critical programming such as CNU’s Legacy Projects, Charter Awards, and Project for Code Reform, as well as publications like the 25 Great Ideas of New Urbanism and Freeways Without Futures, plus our signature online journal, Public Square, and our hub for great suburban design, Build a Better Burb. Additionally, CNU member dues include membership in your local chapter, if one has been established in your area.

Where are CNU’s local chapters located?


CNU has 19 chapters across the US and Canada. To find out more about the Chapter in your area please go here: https://www.cnu.org/get-involved/find-chapter

What is the CNU-Accreditation Program?


Launched in partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture in 2008, the CNU-Accreditation program is based on the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism. The aim of the program is to spread and elevate our best practices; recognize the talent and commitment on display within the movement to create walkable, sustainable places; and establish New Urbanism as the standard for leaders working to build better places.

How do I become CNU-Accredited?


CNU-Accreditation is achieved through the successful completion of the CNU-A online exam, administered by the University of Miami School of Architecture. Applicants may choose to prepare for the exam on their own, or register for The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism online course offered by the University of Miami. CNU-Accreditation is available to all Urbanist members of CNU.

Why should I consider becoming accredited?


Accredited CNU Members demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of, and commitment to, the theory and practice of New Urbanism. The CNU-A designation signals your investment in becoming well-qualified for the active practice of new urbanist planning, design, and development.

What are the requirements for becoming and maintaining CNU-A status?

  • Pass the CNU-Accreditation exam, as administered by the University of Miami.
  • Maintain an active CNU Membership at an Urbanist level or higher.
  • Complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of CNU-approved continuing education per year.

You can complete the eight (8) hours of required continuing education by attending CNU's annual Congress, CNU Chapter events in your area, or with our approved education providers. New this year, you may also obtain some course hours by watching our CNU Real Places series on Youtube, or by attending AIA, APA and ASLA events.

What are the CNU Charter Awards?


Since 2001, CNU's annual Charter Awards have recognized outstanding achievements in architectural, landscape, and urban design, and planning worldwide. Regarded as the preeminent award for excellence in urban design, the CNU Charter Awards honors a select number of winners—at the professional and student level. Winning projects represent major contributions to building more equitable, sustainable, connected, healthy, and prosperous communities.

How are CNU Charter Award winners chosen?


CNU convenes a jury of distinguished designers, architects, planners, and scholars to review entries and select winners. Applicants are judged on the extent to which they fulfill and advance the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism, which defines the essential qualities of outstanding buildings and urban places. The CNU Charter Awards recognize projects at three scales:

- The Region: Metropolis, City, and Town
- Neighborhood, District, and Corridor
- Block, Street, and Building

How do I submit a Project for CNU’s Charter Awards?


CNU hosts an annual call for entries. All entries are submitted digitally, typically during a period of about two months during the fall and winter. For information on the next round of Charter Awards, visit https://www.cnu.org/what-we-do/charter-awards.  CNU Awards CMS System.

How do I post job openings and RFP’s on CNU’s website?


Submit any job/RFP for only $50 by emailing [email protected]. An invoice will be sent after submission. (Postings are 50% off for Advocate Members and free for Urbanist Members).

Where can I find journalism about CNU and New Urbanism?


Public Square: A CNU Journal is a publication dedicated to illuminating and cultivating best practices in urbanism in the US and beyond. Powered by the Congress for the New Urbanism, Public Square is built to add depth and rigor to the practice of urbanism and improve our capacity for building inclusive, resilient places—places that people love. CNU Member dues support Public Square. 

What is the CNU Congress?


Our annual Congress, launched in 1992, is CNU’s flagship event. Each year, 1500+ attendees convene to hear from speakers, participate in workshops, collaborate on projects, and learn new strategies from leaders across the placemaking field. Each Congress offers attendees the chance to experience and connect with an inspiring host region. Our 100+ speakers and workshop leaders challenge attendees to broaden their thinking on design, development, engineering, health, equity, and climate, to name a few topics. CNU’s Congress is the leading international gathering for people and organizations building places people love.

What does the Congress for the New Urbanism do?


CNU is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Washington, DC. CNU works to unite the new urbanist  movement as a connector, convener, alliance builder, and teaching platform. Our staff, members, partners, and allies are the international thought leaders on building better places. CNU is committed to ensuring that the benefits of good urbanism are available to all. For more on the principles that guide the organization and the movement, see The Charter of the New Urbanism.

What are some ways that students can get involved with CNU?



  • Does CNU offer Student Memberships?
    Yes, CNU offers free Student Memberships. As a student member, you’ll gain the news, training, and resources you need to achieve your goals and advance your career. You’ll also have opportunities to learn, connect, engage, network, advocate and innovate with others who are developing a new vision for our built environment. Student members have access to the Member Directory, Monthly Newsletter, Chapter Membership as well as CNU-A Eligibility. Sign up for a Student Membership here.

  • Does CNU offer volunteer opportunities for student members?
    CNU is accepting volunteers for the 27th annual Congress in Louisville, KY on June 12th-15th, 2019. In return for 10-12 hours of volunteer time, CNU offers volunteers a 4-day Congress registration to all non-ticketed sessions for a heavily discounted rate of $185. Volunteers who complete their hours and duties are eligible for a $100 registration refund. The volunteer application period closes April 15th, 2019. Learn more about CNU 27.Louisvillve Volunteering here.
  • Where are CNU’s local chapters located?
    CNU has 19 chapters across the US and Canada. To find out more about the Chapter in your area please go here: https://www.cnu.org/get-involved/find-chapter

  • Student attendance at the annual Congress
    Students can attend the annual Congress at steeply discounted rates (for example early bird registration is $525 for general attendees, it is $125 for students). You can learn more about student registration here: https://www.cnu.org/what-we-do/congress

  • How can I apply for a scholarship? 
    There are a wide variety of scholarships available to students, while the scholarship application window is currently closed for CNU 27.Louisville, we will be accepting scholarship applications again beginning on January 15th of 2020. Scholarships are done online, and the process only takes a few minutes. You should be prepared to have a letter of recommendation from a professor.